• April 19, 2024

Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan to meet again in Las Vegas for high stakes matchup

On January 26, poker pros Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan are set to go head-to-head again during the upcoming High Stakes Duel III on PokerGO. Fans can watch all the action on PokerGO and this will be the third round of this series but only the second matchup between Dwan and Hellmuth this time around.

Hellmuth took on Nick Write, the FS1 sports talk show host, back in July and won. Wright did not want a rematch, so this paved the way for Dwan to take on the Poker Brat.

Competing Once Again

In August, Dwan and Hellmuth met at the felt for Round 2. Dwan brought $100,000 to the table to add to the prize money, which left $200,000 to compete for. He won a match against Hellmuth which was the first loss on the show for the Poker Brat after taking on Daniel Negreanu and Antonio Esfandiari in three separate matches each.

After Round 2, Hellmuth could quit or challenge Dwan again. He chose a rematch of course and must now pay $200,000 to compete in Round 3. This pushes the prize money to $400,000. The matchup is surely going to be interesting as Hellmuth will be out for blood after losing to Dwan in the previous round.

Competing Against Each Other For Years

The friendly competition between Hellmuth and Dwan goes back a few years. The first time they played against each other was in 2008 during the old NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship. Hellmuth lost to Dwan with pocket aces, and it was not a pretty sight as the Poker Brat had a come apart over the defeat.

While the two have met at the poker felt many times, it was not until last year that they would compete in a heads-up event. Watching two pros go head-to-head in a live setting is pretty unique, especially when the pros are as successful as Dwan and Hellmuth.

All eyes will on Round 3 and what might take place later on this month. The last matchup was pretty tame, with no outbursts or major hands for the most part. Many poker fans are wondering if the two will turn up the heat or if this will be another mild competition.

Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan to meet again in Las Vegas for high stakes matchup

No matter what happens, Hellmuth will be pushing for the win, not wanting to lose to Dwan in two consecutive rounds. Will the Poker Brat earn the win or will it go to Dwan? We shall see by January 26!