• April 15, 2024

Spas around the world bring health to beauty, care and weight loss

Unlike enterprise-based enterprise wellness, some spa wellness programs are beginning to address non-physical quality of life issues. The well-being of American companies has had little success as a medical information and prevention-based initiative. Unfortunately, most of these programs were not positive in nature and focused primarily on a vibrant and enjoyable life.

Wellness education at a particular spa represents an advancement in its historic role. Most spas are associated with cosmetological treatments, baths, luxury and self-care foofoo. The spa offers healing and rehabilitation, diet and weight loss programs, fitness tests, holistic treatments and recipes. These features are not abandoned given their popularity and profitability, but they are not the focus of attention when it comes to spa wellness trends. Instead, the era of wellness includes lifestyle education for the philosophy, values ​​and ways of thinking of improving quality of life. After all, true well-being is a great alternative to doctors, medicines and illnesses.

The development of the new spa is highlighted by a Newyork-based international organization called the Global Spa Summit (GSS). The group has sponsored and promoted key trend reports for the past three years. GSS-sponsored research provides reference for industry leaders and anyone looking for information on spa movements around the world. GSS shows that risk-free reduction wellness is a new market in the spa industry. Such changes will promote general well-being by improving the health and efficiency of citizens. So while the rich are profitable, we can expect some profit from others. Every year, GSS holds a great forum for spa leaders. This annual meeting is called the Spa Summit. Last year’s event in Istanbul focused on wellness. The 2011 Summit will begin this Sunday in  Bali, Indonesia, with the theme “Attractive Change: Customers. Money.” future. ”

Spa wellness around the world

* From Sweden: Raisond Etre CEO Anna Bjurstam considers today’s consumers to be more result-oriented and interested in advanced lifestyle training, nutrition and chemical-free products. Customers acknowledge that beauty also comes from within. Wellness is the future. The general consumer mindset learns to lead to a healthier lifestyle. Ms. Bjurstam emphasizes the importance of accurate, scientifically-based information, if possible.
* From Brazil: Gustavo Albanesi, President of the Brazilian Spa Association, reported remarkable growth due to “a new culture of well-being for a better quality of life, especially in big cities”. This culture has changed the way people view spas as part of their daily lives. The growth of Brazil’s spa industry is also driven by major upcoming events, especially the Olympics and World Cup.

* From Europe / Austria: Spa owner Sha reports his interest in “Alpine Wellness”, adding: “The Austrian spa community needs to meet the important needs of a high-performance society.” The latter is a mental balance between stress management (especially burnout) and the “real life” of a high-speed society and much more overall. We are working on a theoretical approach. There is growing awareness of the new social responsibilities of the spa community in Austria and around the world. The important thing is to include spiritual improvement through philosophy, science and art. sources from medcom

* From Dr. Tamás Várhelyi of Hungary came to the news that Hungarian spas are focused on medical care and wellness tourism. This distinguishes between traditional spa hotels and wellness hotels. This is what is happening in very few countries. This is probably due to the long history of hot springs in Hungary. The concept of medical spa is dominant in this area. Last year was the first year that wellness guests exceeded traditional spa hotel guests.

* From Philipp Boyen, Chief Operating Officer of the Orient Express. Get the latest information on hotel spa operators in Spain, Mexico and South Africa. Many hotels were built during the recent construction boom in Spain, most of which are linked to wellness attractions. The latter is preferred by tourists over locals who are still looking for traditional spas. In Mexico, there are countless new wellness spas and resorts focused on yoga. In South Africa, medical spas are working on environmental awareness and other “green” aspects. The secret to success is to provide spa staff with the highest standards of service, clear concepts and wellness education.

sources from rwandair.com

* From Greece: Vivian Patkos, President and Owner of Le Convivial Luxury Suites & Spas, described the country’s innovations with an emphasis on philosophy and imagination. Of course, the Greeks are known for this emphasis. Probably due to the pioneers of Greek royal welfare such as Epictetus, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Protagols, Heraclitus, Xenophanes and Thales of Miletus. None of these legendary thinkers had the opportunity to present a wellness acolyte summer event at the National Wellness Conference, but they all left their mark on the Greek spa and everywhere we were. .. When asked if it is true that Greece is “the only country responsible for the corruption and collapse of the universe,” as the world press clearly suggests, Ms. Patkos expressed surprise. Greece “has an exclusive lifestyle, but suffers from internal slander,” he said. For some reason, and for many, “European Union” democracy and the workforce cannot protect existing social structures. “