• April 17, 2024

The Complete Breakdown of the First Week of the New XFL (Scores, Analysis, Statistics, Schedules)

On Saturday and Sunday of last weekend (2/8/2020 – 2/9/2020) the new XFL debuted as all of the eight teams played their first games of the 2020 season. The old XFL that took place back in 2001 failed miserably, but this new version seems to be a much better product than the previous version almost twenty years ago. The games are fast, exciting, and it seems like professional football just not at the highest level like in the National Football League.

The viewership was extremely high which leads me to believe that a lot of sports fans were interested in the XFL. Hopefully that continues as it is nice to have football on even after the NCAA National Championship game and the Super Bowl have come and gone. The XFL has also embraced the notion of f…

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